Trend Forecasting

Below is a trend mood board I created for a fashion project in 2016. I was tasked with identifying and visually representing 2-4 upcoming fashion trends. What came of this?

Four groovy trends for the coolest chick around. 2016TrendBoardJPG

She’s Got Good Jeans: You know what they say about wearing your heart on your sleeve? It’s time to wear your art on your denim. Paint it on, stitch it up, add your embellishments. The possibilities are endless with fall’s fun patchwork denim trend.

Fur Ever: Staying warm never looked so fashionable. Hint: Don’t furget to go faux with this one.

Moon Child: Celestial patterns and iridescent finishes light the way this fall in the grooviest trend yet.

Ruby Rebel: Who said red could only be romantic? Not us, that’s for sure. This hue is red hot this season, and we’re ready to take a walk on the wild side.


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